What Is Twin-Flame?

twinflameYou might have had many unusual and compelling dreams, visions or fantasies throughout your life of that one mysterious person who gives you a very comforting and familiar feeling. The energy emitting out of this person feels very familiar to you, almost as if you have met that person and spent a lifetime with them and also look forward to meeting him/her sometime in the unknown future.

Although you have a hard time figuring out the physical appearance of this person, you still have a vague sort of hope in your mind that this person actually exists. You believe that this person is ‘out there somewhere’ and wait for that one day you will meet this person or that person will come to you (like Snow White waiting for her prince to come…)

What is Twin Flame?

The other half of your soul is known as Twin Flame, also known as Twin Souls – the perfect male or female counterpart that completes you. Every one of us has one twin who after getting split from each other went their separate ways. And throughout their existence, they incarnate over and over again with the aim of gathering human experience before finally getting back with each other once again.

This reunion ideally happens in the last lifetime of the two souls so as to be able to ascend together. This means that there is a high chance that you probably have not had many lifetimes with your Twin Flame.

A Twin is a complete soul. Not one-half of a soul. It is the aim of every soul to become whole and become enlightened, balancing the female and male sides before finally reuniting with the twin soul. This reunion that happens is that of two beings that are complete and whole, enlightened. Every other relationship that people have throughout their lifetimes can be regarded as “practice” for this one ultimate relationship with the twin soul.

It is said that after a person who had a relationship with a twin-flame reincarnates in the next lifetime, they will go through tremendous suffering because they are not reunited with their twin. They long to be with them because it was too ‘recent’.

How to know if you’ve met your twin flame?

The initial meeting between the two flames might involve some kind of an unusual event or synchronicity. You might experience a strange feeling of “knowing” this other person, a feeling that is just very hard to express in words. Twin souls can meet each other in the strangest of places, sometimes even online. This person comes into the lives of the significant other out of the blue in a much unexpected way. This meeting is characterized by synchronicities and strange occurrences and also involves major shifts in energy.

A lot of twin flame couples live very further away from each other and often in different countries in different continents. Sometimes the age gap could be very huge – because it is rare for twins to be alive at the same time. In the beginning, there is often something that prevents these two souls from being physically present with each other. The reason behind this is that there is a lot of work to be done on mental and emotional levels before the meeting can finally occur. In case this real meeting happens too early, it can often be too intense.

Relationship Dynamics between Twin Souls

The relation between these two people is almost immediate once they meet each other, almost as if there was no time interval between the last times they meet each other the last time. There is an immense sense of trust and comfort once you’re with your twin soul. You can feel comfortable being yourself and feel free talking about everything with your twin. These conversations can sometimes last forever, and there are not many things that the Twins are not willing to talk about.

You feel like you can spend your entire lifetime with this person and never think of getting separated. There is a sense of openness and understanding between the two persons that results in the formation of a highly intriguing but comfortable sense of familiarity.

The love and attraction between the two souls are immense and overwhelming. This is genuine and heartfelt love, and you almost feel magically drawn closer to each other. This is nothing like obsessive love or lust. The love between Twin Flames looks beyond egos and is unconditional. Although this does not mean the relation between the twin flames will be devoid of any personal conflicts and issues. The twin souls require more healing and enlightenment while being with each other. This is because, in the physical state, twin souls are still human beings living in society.

The sense of completion that you feel with your twin flame is beyond words. Given all this, every twin flame is still an individual and is only a mirror of your own soul. The feeling you share with the person is wholeness on a soul level, which is beyond the physical.

What is the difference between a twin-flame and a soul mate?

Soulmates are parts of our soul family. These are the persons with whom we spend many lifetimes and share many experiences with and they are also part of the same soul – but not the perfect male and female counterpart. These are the people who help us grow, evolve and overcome karma. Legends say that when a soul is born and descend from its source, they descend in groups and are also created in groups. The souls in this group are our Soulmates. These souls share similar frequencies with us and are very similar to us. After being created, the souls are split into two, thus creating our twins.

A Soulmates is a person who is close to you at a soul level. These are the people with whom we share a variety of types of relations in different lifetimes and share a broad range of experiences together. Soulmates can be siblings, parent-child, a romantic partner or a best friend. Soulmates, like twins, share an unyielding bond and affection with each other. There exists a spiritual relationship with that surpasses the superficiality of the physical world.

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