I Would Give Up My Precious Hair All For Love

present-1209742_960_720There’s no better story of infinite love and patience in the midst of poverty and hopelessness than that of Jim and Della.

Call it an extraordinary exhibition of intimacy using simple, priceless gifts, but the suspense-filled, sentimental story has no equal.

From their modest lifestyle, their perfect understanding of their condition and their pursuit to surprise each other, every one of us will be happy to either be Jim or Della.

It’s a few minutes to 7 pm and Della, a devoted young married woman, is cooking for her ever punctual, but burdened with many responsibilities husband.

She’s confident that having sold her hair, Jim’s love and affection towards her will not end. Tightly clutched in her hand is a treasured Christmas gift for her loving husband.

Earlier on, one dollar and eighty-seven cents are all she had, and there was no way she could stretch any further and at least, but her man something worth their love.

Sitting there at their $8 a week flat, hopeless and with no particular place to amaze her man, the mistress of the home decides to do the unthinkable.

The distraught lady discontentedly moves about her chores before glancing at her cheap pier glass mirror.

She admires her long beautiful brown hair and tears break down her cheeks. She can’t believe that she will be hawking them off, for just $20 at the shop of Madame Sofronie.

pexels-photo-190581Two hours after the unceremonious slicing off of her hair, she’s happy that she can finally surprise her humble spouse.

Feeling herself in the seventh heaven, perhaps luxuriating that she made the right decision, Della opts for a watch fob for her husband’s precious pendant.

It is a $21 platinum watch fob; she can’t imagine the smile on her husband’s face later in the evening.

Meanwhile, Jim wanted to surprise his wife with a lovely gift as well!

At exactly 7 pm, his signature step on the stairs announces his arrival, tired, but eager to meet his loving wife.

He subtly opens the door to their tiny crib, but as he entered, his face marred with a mask of melancholy disbelief, his wife’s long and beautiful hair was cut off! Jim is armed with another simple gift for his wife and his indiscernible look says it all.

He sold his watch so he could buy for her a paper-wrapped package containing what she had wished for; combs, tortoiseshell, bejeweled and combs.

Della rushes towards him, hoping to reassure her beloved husband that her hair will grow. She seems to explain to him that she wouldn’t have been a better person hadn’t she surprised him with a gift. Jim is momentarily in a trance and embraces her, telling her that her beauty needed no shampoo and a haircut was nothing compared to his love for her.


Her hair is gone, but no adjective can describe the amount of happiness and elation within her. She holds out the precious metal for him, and it was indeed a beautiful thing.

Everything is loud and clear, sheer love needs no large sum of money. Love expressed through unwisely sacrificed valuables of their home is the best.

If you are expecting to make your lover’s Christmas even more amazing, remember Jim and Della had virtually nothing but would trade all that they have for love!

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