How To Become A Better Lover?

Has sex become a boring old chore?

Has it merely become something that has to be ticked off from your to-do-list?

Or maybe, is it because we’re getting older and our hormones are starting to ‘feel old’ as well?

If you are plagued by this lack of passion, then have no fear because you have what it takes to become a better lover again.

This article will show you a couple of techniques to bring the spark back and improve your relationship by fanning the flames of your desires again.

Becoming a better lover requires more understanding and patience aside from love and respect. It is all about being the best at mutually satisfying one another mentally, emotionally and sexually.

It is by intensifying the union between one another, that you will create the most powerful bond that will transcend just going through the motions of being physical alone.

And to help you become a better lover, the following Tantra techniques can greatly improve your bedroom experience.

Start By Mastering The Art Of Breathing

What does breathing has to do with becoming a better lover?

Breathing is one of the most neglected exercises performed by humans.

Since the whole process is autonomous, you do not pay much attention to it or try to better it.

However, this might be one of the causes behind you having problems like premature ejaculation, anxiety or even a torrid romantic life.

Luckily, this can be solved easily. Because breathing gives us the ability to stay present. There are certain exercises that are aimed at improving your breath work.

And the good news is that, it doesn’t need physical exertion nor make you spend money at the gym if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like working out. The breath work exercise is so easy to follow and can tremendously improve your breathing to help you experience better sex.

All you need to do is to pay more attention to your breathing and do this exercise.

Sit down on a pillow with a straight back and legs crossed. Maintaining this posture, slowly try emptying your lungs. Once you have completed doing this, breath in air slowly while counting till 4-5.

You should try the whole process of filling your lungs in different stages and not at once. Ideally, you should be filling your lungs by first using your diaphragm with your stomach moving out, then using your chest and finally by using the muscles around the shoulder.

Once you have inhaled, try holding your breath and count to 15-16. Once done with that, exhale the air in different stages, similar to the inhalation process, and relax.

Though this exercise is primarily aimed at increasing your breath work, it also plays a very important role in calming your mind and helping you to relax.

Be Open To Explore Forbidden Fantasies

Now that you’re focused on the present moment, it is time to open up the floodgates of your imagination and stimulate the most powerful sexual organ – your mind.

Often times, people are too embarrassed to own up to their own fantasies.

They find it safer to switch off the lights and ‘get on with it’ rather than opening up to new possibilities.

When you let your mind wander into your dark and forbidden thoughts, allowing yourself to immerse into the depths of your twisted imagination where you get guilty pleasures, you will find that nothing lights up an old romance to become new love once again.

Remember that fantasies are part of our daily thoughts. Every day, each one of us entertains in the caverns of our minds a host of secretly very enjoyable, but deeply taboo ideas and scenarios. It is its forbidden nature, which makes it fantastic.

When we feel ashamed to express these thoughts with our partners, it is because it makes us feel vulnerable.

However, if we are able to express our make-believe world, it becomes so enjoyable because it allows us to form a powerful erotic fantasy and create deeper connection with our partner.

Come to think about it… if we don’t mind children fantasizing, why should we feel shame as an adult?

A fantasy is always trying to tell us something important about ourselves and it can be really fun to explore.

Have you ever thought about erotic fantasies you can explore with your partner? It could be playing as a Nurse or as a French maid. You could also try using handcuffs and constraints or just talk to each other in a dirty manner.

With creativity, you can come up with many ideas. Any scenario you can put together that tickles the mind, will ultimately lead to increased excitement and climax in the end.

Therefore, do not be afraid to put your fantasies into the light with your partner and miss the chance to explore your sexuality together.

Practice The Slow Art Of Arousal

Men and women are very different in the way they get aroused. Men’s arousal is pretty straightforward while women’s arousal is quite complex.

What gets women hot?

Most women do not know exactly what turn them on. Sometimes, arousal just seems to happen.

While on other times, it can be more predictable, just like with the sexual activation coming from a steamy sex scene in a movie or a book.

Each one of us has our own erotic blueprint that’s unique to each individual as this is influenced by our genetic make up, our hormones and all our erotic experiences since adolescence.

And as we move through life, our erotic blueprint may be altered by our new experiences as influenced by our environment, our partners, our health and our stress level.

It is important then to know how to turn your partner on. You need to be sensitive and have a good sense of understanding what parts of the body is sexually responsive to touch, what is stimulating to the eyes and what kind of words to say that are powerful enough to tell the brain to prepare the body for a sexual encounter.

One powerful way to ignite arousal and is one of the best available means to practice the art of arousal is giving a tantric massage.

Tantric massage is one of the most popular massages, which were first developed in Berlin.

Popularly known as Erotic massage, this technique aims at providing orgasm through neo-tantric movement at erogenous points or zones of the body.

This can help elevate your mood and improve your sexual experience leading you to a beautiful sexual journey.

6 Practical Ways To Re-ignite The Flames Of Passion Once Again

There are also other practical ways to practice the art of arousal that are guaranteed to be effective and are very simple to apply.

1.     Taking control over bed

Grant yourself the permission to take over your partner before starting. If you are the male partner you need to be dominant in bed. This is what most women desire. Don’t get afraid to be erotic. Stop thinking about every other thing and concentrate on your partner.

2.     Become a visual tease

Become visually attractive and appealing while having sex. This works both for men and women. Most often, wearing attractive clothes can do the trick.

3.     Choose your words carefully

Speaking in an erotic tone has a great role in bringing sexual arousal.

4.     Speak through your eyes

Expressing your feelings through your eyes helps a lot.

5.     Stimulating the erogenous zones

Do a bit of research about your partner’s body. Get to know the erogenous zones of your partner and start playing with them. Do not hurry in the process.

6.     Lead into the extreme

While having foreplay, glide your partner’s hand and lead her. For males, it is important not to be selfish in bed. When you want to satisfy your partner, keep on doing the activity for a while and then make her concentrate on you. Both acts should go simultaneously.

Setting The Intent To Become A Better Lover Again

If there is one key takeaway from this article, it is to remember that becoming a better lover again is all about intent.

By setting the intent, it is a mental proclamation that you want to become connected to your partner.

Ultimately, becoming a better lover is all about authentic connection.

The more authentic you are to express yourself and connect with your partner, the better it will be at satisfying one another.

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