A Burnt Pie And The Secret To Happiest Relationships

pumpkinpiefail_600Do you know the secret to the happiest relationships in the world? It’s all about how you react to a burnt pie.

My mom’s cooking skills are phenomenal. Day after day, am guaranteed of tasty food, and it has been so since my childhood. She seems to enjoy cooking, or she’s just smart when it comes to mixing ingredients, who knows?

So, there was this day when, out of nowhere, my mom cooked a rather bad pie. As always, I was there, seated with my dad, waiting for his favorite dish – pie. A few more minutes and there she emerges, holding a plate.

She placed it in front of my dad and went back to the kitchen. It wasn’t a regular delicious pie, but a big, burnt cake. Yeah, it was burnt to black…you would think it was a small piece of coal.

Sitting at the edge of my seat, perhaps shocked beyond words, I looked straight into my dad’s eyes. I expected him to rant and rebuke my mom for serving something that belongs to the trash can.

Surprisingly, he picked it up without caring much about its appearance. He took a mega-bite as if it was the tastiest piece of pie he has ever tasted while asking me how my day was. A few more bites and he was done eating the large, worst piece of pie ever!

love-1536226_960_720Mom emerged from the kitchen, apologizing profusely for her mistake. She, without a doubt, knew that she had prepared possibly the worst piece of her entire life.

I’ll never forget the look on my dad’s face and his response.

“Darlin, I loved your pie. It was perhaps the most delicious!”

Later, I sought to know if he had told the truth about the pie. Relaxed, as usual, dad wrapped his arm around my shoulder and said.

“Your mom probably had a long, tiring day at work. She was visibly tired and couldn’t cook what we’ve gotten used to. The burnt piece of pie did no harm to me, but a sharp word could have hurt her.”

The message was loud and clear – we all make mistakes because we are humans and prone to errors. However, we shouldn’t dwell on them, but rather support those who are dear to us.

That’s the only secret of a long and happy marriage.

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