The Power Of Tantra In Awakening Your Inner Lover

Tantra is a very powerful tool that can help you to awaken your inner lover and unleash the sensual side of you and your partner to create an unforgettable love.

The power of tantra lies in your energy and an awakened state can be more powerful than you can ever imagine.

The energy is so dynamic and expansive that even the words that you speak, your presence, your text messages, even your e-mails contains some kind of energy that can ignite the inner lover in others.

A Brief History On This 5,000 Year Old Art

The word tantra means to join with the help of the tools available to one’s self. It also means to expand and get together.

This form of meditation has been in practice for a long time and has persisted among men and women even before Christ. The dominance of such theories can be found mainly in the areas of Asia.

Evolving mainly from India, this kind of meditation has reached the outskirts of the world and can also be seen in Buddhism other than Hinduism.

Tantra has never been ever written down and has always been forwarded orally or verbally. What tantra teaches us is that we, the living organisms of the planet are made up of various chakras, which control the involuntary and the voluntary actions of our body.

The desire of pleasure is driven mainly from the sacral chakra that lies between the naval and the pelvis. Tantra also teaches us to be happy for ourselves. So, is not being happy for one’s own self a kind of pleasure? It definitely is.

Even when tantra can have an adverse effect on oneself, it can also affect the person in a more positive way. This positive vibe enables the person to see through other people, fall in love with them, and come together for the pleasure that drives men and women.

What Does Tantra Say Regarding Sex?

Many people do not understand that sex is all about union. It goes beyond just pleasuring each other. Sex is a truly sanctified act because it is this act that unites the various forces of creation.

The divine goal of sex is to bring us up to the state of enlightenment – that is why it is considered to be a vital force.

Just as the journey to enlightenment is not a ‘rush job’, sex according to tantra also similar. It can reach a climax of true union through slow, sensual enjoyment of feeling the present moment. It is the art of looking at sex and sexuality as something sacred – the art of love rather than lust. It is about enjoying the journey rather than rushing towards the destination.

The Tantric View Of Sacred Sexuality

To understand the tantric view of sexuality, we begin by understanding what it is not.

Sex that comes purely from lust is missing the point of a loving union between two souls.

We live in a sexually obsessed culture that talks about sex yet there isn’t a lot of information about sacred sexuality. Even the media and the advertising agencies are full of subtle messages related to casual sex.

As a result, most people are not aware of how to deal with sex. But it is essential for people to understand the concept of sex because there are many people in this world who are attracted more to the pleasure aspect rather than to connect deeply.

Even certain religions that try to project sex as something not sacred.

They consider sex to be an ‘unclean’ act. In fact, there is hardly any mention of sex in the religious textbooks of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity etc. In fact, when there is any reference to sex, these religions in most cases ask you to avoid sex as much as possible.

There are also certain saints and gurus who say that in order to reach enlightenment one should try to keep away from sex. It is for this reason that most people are not able to establish a connection between spirituality and sex.

However, when one searches for the true essence of sacred sexuality, you will eventually come face to face with Tantra.

Tantra is a spiritual practice where sexuality is often used to achieve certain spiritual states. The yogis have been practicing this art since thousands of years ago.

It is about igniting the pleasure beyond a physiological necessity (even though getting physical is a very important component.)

Why Tantric Pleasure Is Different

By activating tantric pleasure, it will make you perceive the world and its real, energetic form.

For example, a couple who goes through such kind of chakra emissions will feel the aura surrounding them that make them fall into a loop— further enhancing their bond.

This endless power of pleasure is often brought in by squeezing and orgasms that travel up into the mind and make both of them feel as one. It creates a bond of unity.

Unlike hunger or thirst which is very instinctual, the activated pleasure is a much different, higher form. It is a form of meditation which early people used to perform in order to feel and face the reality of the world – The creation of everything and the expansive nature of energy.

You will get to experience the endless powers of pleasure and passion show how deeply the souls are connected and how it transforms into a cosmic experience.

Tantric pleasures are definitely the penultimate form of reality. A reality which everyone in this world has to experience. A reality which brings in the power of endless pleasure among various groups of living beings.

The Importance Of Yin-Yang And How Tantra Balances The Masculine And Feminine Energies

The two most prominent energy forces in the world is dualistic. These two kinds of energy are more commonly known as the YIN and the YANG.

The entire universe relies greatly on the working of these two opposed as well as complementary forces. These forces are also called the masculine and the feminine forces. The YIN is the centrifugal force that has a very expansive tendency. The YANG force, on the other hand, is centripetal and it has a contractive tendency.

Energy always tends to flow between poles that are absolutely opposite to each other. This is very similar to the electric current that flows between negative as well as positive poles. The more the number of the difference the higher are the chances of attraction. Though there are many names given to these sexual poles in Tantra it is mostly referred to as masculine and feminine poles.

If you want to use these ideas of both masculine as well as feminine poles then it is essential for you to be aware of one misconception that is there. By masculine here you do not always mean the masculine gender and by feminine, you do not mean the feminine gender. This means that a biological man can actually have a more feminine and a biological woman can have masculine energy.

In order to make this concept easier to understand there are a number of authors who simply use the words man and woman.

According to tantra yoga, both this masculine and feminine polarity is extremely important. If there is a strong polarization between these two opposite poles then the partners will generate a lot of sexual energy.

This sexual energy can be used for spiritual purposes as well. But polarity always does not have to match the biological gender. Polarization does not have much importance other than this sexual interaction.

There are some people who enjoy polarized interactions every day. But there are some others who prefer leading a life that is more balanced and less polarized. Polarization effectively increases the amount of energy flow and this helps in building up a bond and connection between two individuals. So understanding this concept of sexual polarity is extremely important.

If you are able to get a clear understanding of these concepts then the feminine and the masculine energy will be properly balanced. This will help individuals to lead a much more energetic life.

The Key Essence Is In The Concept Of Creation

Now that you have an understanding of the various ideas behind tantra, it is time to learn how to activate it’s true power.

Sex is a beautiful, dynamic energy and this energy needs to be tapped. This is the energy that is required for creation and can be explored for the act of sacred sex.

When you put a man and woman together you will be able to experience the energy of creation. Tantra does not reject anything. It is all inclusive – regardless of whether you are heterosexual or homosexual.

Here are a number of steps that will help you to awaken your inner lover:

1. Be Real

Real power within you actually comes from the authentic truth. It is this exercise that helps you to understand the importance of being real. You can now take out a pen and paper and write down how it feels to be true and how it feels to be egoistic. Then if you feel that you are not in alignment with your truth then it is important for you to affirm. Nothing can be more powerful than truth.

2. Don’t Judge

Making judgments is not a good thing to do. Being judgmental makes you feel very low on energy. Words can actually weaken the power. So from today onwards, you should stop judging people. This will make you feel quite energetic. But the question that arises here is “Why shouldn’t we judge people? The answer to this is that judgment is responsible for creating separation between individuals. Ego will never be able to stay without judgment. So if there is no judgment there will also be no ego.

3. Meditate

If you practice meditation on a regular basis then you will be able to feel the power of presence. There is one form of meditation called the ego eradicator. This helps you to exercise the power of your presence. This meditation helps in boosting all forms of stagnant energy and also realigning with the true source.

4. Serve Others

It is very important for you to use the power that you have to serve others. There are a number of people who do not have a proper shelter. They also do not have money to have food regularly. It is always advisable to spend some time servicing them.

By following these steps, you will not only find true connection in another, but true connection in yourself.

An awakened lover is able to experience all facets of love and see the love in all beings.