The Heart Never Forgets: Man with Alzheimer’s Surprises Spouse

old-people-616718_960_720Throughout their 60-year-old marriage, Doris and Melvyn Amrine have created and cherished countless memories together. Like any elderly couple, any successful year means a toss of love and togetherness. However, despite this couple being a testament that true love is timeless, some of their memories are fast slipping away from Melvyn.

Melvyn was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011, and ever since, the condition has been affecting their otherwise blissful union. Doris is going through multiple problems seeing the love of her life gradually forget the details of their six decades of romance. But, just recently, real love expressed itself and won again when the unimaginable happened.

With Alzheimer’s, nobody can expect Melvyn remember the age-old mother’s day tradition, not to mention celebrating his beloved wife with a present. This year, his wife didn’t expect him to continue his tradition of buying her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He started showering her with flowers since the birth of their first kid, but it is the disorder that has threatened to tear their intimate relationship apart.

He’s sick and can’t take a walk on his own. So, on the eve of the said day, Melvyn went away without even letting her know of his tulips-320151_960_720whereabouts. Fearing for her sick husband, Doris alerted the area police who responded immediately. Melvyn is sick, he’s missing, and no one knows if he will talk with strangers.

In an intriguing turn of events, her husband was found nearly two miles away from their house, walking towards his favorite store. Yeah, he was going for the flowers for his dear wife. He had defied the pain of suffering from Alzheimer’s, walked on his own and proved that he was still in love.

He knew that the next day was Mother’s Day and was determined to reward his loving and caring wife, of course, without her knowledge. The officers helped him buy his gift and brought back home to the delight of his wife. Truly, love is timeless!

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