Tangled Movie Review

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Tangled, an animated film from 2010, is Disney’s take on the classic tale of Rapunzel (played by Mandy Moore). As per the plot of the film—and the original tale—Rapunzel’s parents pass away, and she is raised by Mother Gothel, who keeps her locked in a territory. Rapunzel grows up lonely and alone, always striving to learn about life beyond the tower, abused at the hands of her adoptive mother. Eventually, she meets by Flynn Rider (played by Zachary Levi), a handsome thief, and they undertake a quest to go see the lanterns at the festival nearby.

The movie shows us how Rapunzel’s relationship with Flynn (whose real name, we find out, is Eugene) develops and grows as they go along through their adventure. They initially begin as enemies, then reluctant allies, then friends, then lovers. Indeed, this film has a lot to tell us about romantic relationships in general. When we first meet our future partners, they might not give us a good impression—we might not even like them, initially—but then, as we get to know them better, we come to like them, and, in time, even to love them.

How could you grow to romantically love someone you initially disliked? Well, in the case of Eugene and Rapunzel—and in the case of many of us—they each showed each other how brave and compassionate they are. For example, near the beginning of the journey, Rapunzel was unhappy at times; although overjoyed that she was finally out of the tower, she was suffering from guilt and stress at leaving Mother Gothel behind. Nevertheless, Eugene stayed with her, supporting her even in her sometimes-tumultuous movies. When you care about someone, and love them, you are always there for them, even when times get tough. You don’t start running away at the first signs of trouble.

Another great, romantic aspect of this film is how very romantic the two leads are. Rapunzel and Eugene have so much chemistry when they’re interacting; their repartees are witty, and it’s clear that they always instantly understand each other—even if they don’t necessarily agree with each other. And plus, remember that one scene? You know the one—where they’re on the boat, putting the lanterns into the sky, and singing that one romantic song together. It’s truly one of the most romantic scenes in Disney’s oeuvre. Everything about it is beautiful, from the singing to the melody to the lighting and the cinematography.

To sum all of this up, Tangled is a wonderfully romantic film about two people who show each other—almost from the very beginning—how very deeply they love each other and care about each other. They continue sticking with each other through the hard times—even when said hard times are putting their lives at risk—and end up marrying each other. What’s not to love about that? It’s the perfect fairy-tale love story—and all wrapped up in a package of excellent voice acting, incredible music, and delightful animation. Pop it into the DVD player today; you won’t be sorry.