Slumdog Millionaire Movie

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Slumdog Millionaire is a film from 2010. In this movie—which popularized the song “Jai Ho”—the young Jamal, who comes from an Indian slum and is only eighteen years old, is able to win the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? No one believes him at first, but—as his incredible story unfolds—we begin to understand not only the journeys, both physical and emotional, that he’s been through, but we also gain an understanding of who he is as a person.

An important part of Jamal’s journey is his relationship with Latika, another girl from the slums. He meets her near the beginning of the tale that led him to winning the show, but then, before long, they lose contact. They end up finding each other again before the end of the story, though, and then they dance together. It’s clear how much they love each other, and that they care deeply for each other, especially considering everything they’ve been through.

What this film tells us about the nature of love is that, sometimes, it can take a while for love to develop properly. In the story, Jamal and Latika were separated for quite long periods of time, before their eventual reunion. Nevertheless, they found each other, in the end. And we must have hope, so that this kind of thing may develop in our own futures. Maybe we’ll reconnect with a high-school friend, on Facebook; maybe we’ll once again become neighbors with our childhood neighbors; maybe we’ll begin working with an old flame. Whatever the case may be, we can find our loved ones, whether we’re meeting them for the first time or we’ve always known them. They are there, out there—waiting for us—and our journey to them is perhaps one of the most important adventures of all.

Sometimes, however, we have to seek out our own happiness directly, rather than waiting for it to come to us, and that’s another important message of the film. In the movie, Jamal chooses to enter the show, even though he knows that people will look down on him for everything that he’s accomplished in spite of his status. He makes his choice, and sees it through to the end. The same can be said for our romantic relationships; we must seek out our own happiness, look for that partner who might be our soulmate—even though it might ultimately end in heartache.

When all’s said and done, this movie has a lot to tell us, not only about the characters and the story it draws, but also about our own lives, our own journeys, our own decisions. Because, ultimately, what we choose to do affects us for the future. We might end up happy and fulfilled; we might end up sad and unhappy after another unsuccessful relationship.

But we can’t stop searching. Somewhere out there, our soulmate—the one person who we’d be perfect with, more than any other—is waiting for us. He or she is there, at the end of the road, so don’t give up. Never give up.