Enchanted Movie

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Enchanted is a Disney film from 2007, and it is known in particular for making young Amy Adams a household name. But Enchanted is not merely a Disney movie, and nor is it merely a film that effortlessly blends different forms of imagery, with its combination of cartoon and live-action images. On the contrary, it is also an incredibly romantic love story.

Enchanted is, in part, a story about finding your way home. The characters go through a lot of trouble during their adventure, but they eventually end up home—and home is where the heart is, to quote a popular saying. In other words, they all end up eventually finding their own happily ever after, with their loved ones by their side. Really, this tells us a lot about ourselves and our relationships: all our romantic journeys, our travails—our searches for the soulmate—are simply ways for us to find that one perfect person, who we’ll spend the rest of our lives with.

Because, for a lot of us, isn’t that what romantic love is? Searching for that person—finding them, often after a long series of adventures, stories, and wrong turns—and then sharing your lives together. Whether or not you end up having children, deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone is the way we want our romantic lives to be like. Having them by your side, supporting and comforting you through good times and bad; helping you with those aspects of life which you have trouble with; commiserating in your problems. Sharing together; talking together; laughing together; loving together. These are all things that we seek, to find the perfect relationship—and it’s certainly something that Edward and Nancy find along their journey.

The journey might be long and tough; we might find that it takes several partners before we find the one we’d like to spend the rest of our lives with. We might be engaged to someone—we might even marry someone—before we realize they’re not the right person for us. For others among us, we might go on dates for several years—we might even date some people for months on end—but we might not necessarily have success in our endeavours. And still for others among us, we might find the perfect person, only to lose them to divorce or infidelity.

For all these reasons, the journey is incredibly important, maybe even almost as important as the destination. And that destination is, of course—as Enchanted shows us — a happy ending, to spend with the ones we love for the rest of our lives. Because once we’ve found that person, the search is over. We know where the rest of our life is headed; we know that—no matter what happens—we will always have that person by our side, just like Giselle and Robert, and Edward and Nancy, in the movie. We will find our own happy ending.

Yes, we’ll find the happy ending that’s perfect for us, and—at the end of the day—isn’t that what we’re all searching for? It truly is, and this message is encapsulated beautifully by Enchanted. Good job, Disney. Good job!