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Two souls, one love. But is it really two souls or one soul split into two?

The essence of deep connection and intimacy is not one that connects physically, emotionally and mentally, but also spiritually as well.

You’ve probably heard the story about a woman from California who went for a psychic reading and was told that her soul mate was an 87 year old man living in China.

She didn’t believe it at first but 3 years later, she went to China and met that man who is now 90 at a street market.

They spoke, and the conversation went deeper and deeper.

After awhile, they felt as though they had known each other for centuries (especially if you believe in living many lifetimes together).

They had a translator to overcome the language barrier and they still managed to communicate.

She found out that he too had a reading from a Chinese soothsayer that one of his soul mates had yet to be born – and she was a blonde woman from America.

They subsequently lived a very intense soul mate relationship for 3 years together before he passed on.

It doesn’t matter how old, how young, what skin color, what sex, what language you speak or where you are.

In an esoteric sense, soul mates are many parts of the same soul.

In other words, your soul mate is you.

There is an uncanny ability for one to recognize that there is a feeling that feels similar to your own energy.

You don’t know where it starts, and you don’t know where it ends – whether it is with you or the other.

The soul is drawn unto itself – your mate is more than just a mirror for you.

Of course, it is not going to be easy or smooth sailing – or riding off into the sunset as some might say.

A relationship with a soul mate is not necessarily a happily ever after.

There will be karmic challenges – after all, being together for so many lifetimes, there’s bound to be a lot of familiarity and contempt.

As your energy and your partner’s energy burns up – consumed into each other, obviously the challenges will be greater.

But for what it’s worth, the true merging state of a soul mate relationship is more than what the movies describe.