Welcome to the Tao of Romance!

We are here to guide you with wisdom on your path to create your ideal relationship with your partner.

As human beings, we have a mind that needs to be respected, a heart that longs to be loved, a body that hungers to be satisfied and a sultry soul that is hardwired for authentic connection.

The Tao of Romance is about developing deep understanding through the mind, initiating intimacy through the body, arousing feelings through the heart and connecting through the soul to create a complete connection with another.

As we get more in alignment with one another, we will start to synchronize the flow with each other and be in complete alignment with our partners.

Here, we peel off the layers of psychological roadblocks and pave the path to true connection and endless pleasure in relationships.

We are here for you as we lead you on a journey to discover the true connection on a mind, body, heart and soul level with your partner if you are already in a relationship or how to attract a soul mate that will satisfy you in every way.

The Problem With Generic Relationship Advice

When face emotional pain, we tend to fall back on the people who are closest to us.

They could be your family members, your colleagues in the office or your closest friends.

While they offer a great source of emotional comfort, sometimes you might wonder if their advice is most suitable source for handling relationship problems.

One person might says he or she is the one, while the other says he or she is a nightmare waiting to happen.

People tend to give advice based on their subjective personal experiences and sometimes the advice is not rooted in the psychology of how relationships really work.

In order to understand how two people can be truly happy in relationships, we have to consider that humans are multi-faceted beings and that two people coming together are managing multiple combinations of physical, mental, psychological, emotional and social issues.

In fact, creating an ideal relationship with your partner is as much a science as it is an art.

Understanding your partner must be done in a holistic way because we have a mind that needs to be respected, a heart that longs to be loved, a body that hungers to be satisfied and a spirit that is hardwired for authentic connection.

Who We Are And How We Started….

The key to happiness in relationship is about finding our what we need and avoiding what triggers us and doing the same to your partner.

Based on our experience, we’ve seen the exact opposite:

That people do not understand what they need and they keep triggering their partners instead.

Many of these relationships become very disappointing as they repeat relationships circumstances like these over and over again with different partners and the lesson was never internalized.

After working with thousands of individuals about having better relationships, we found a common thread – when people are able to understand themselves deeply, they are able to ‘know thyself’ and have a great relationship with themselves.

When they love themselves deeply (not in a narcissistic way), they are able to have healthier relationships with others.

After all, two blackholes cannot fill each other.

That is why we have started this site.

To provide the most up to date, psychologically sound relationship advice that will help people to find their path towards being fulfilled in relationships.

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