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romance-1934204_960_720I’m in love with a handsome Engineer, and I must admit; I love his steady nature and the warm, tender feel whenever I’m leaning on his extended shoulders. We are nearing five years together – three of courtship and two into marriage, and it’s awesome. However, I think I’m getting tired already.

My restlessness emanates from our differences. Being an extremely sensitive and sentimental woman, I often require more romantic moments with him. My husband is the exact opposite – he’s romantically insensitive and can’t spur romance in our marriage. The pressure has been building up steadily and soon, I’ll go overboard.

So, one day I finally decided that enough was simply enough and I wanted a divorce. Looking puzzled, he sought to know what my problem was.

That night, he stayed silent, perhaps deliberating about it. As he kept his cigarette lit the entire period, my disappointments increased further, and I could not understand why he couldn’t express his predicaments. He finally sought to know what he could do to change my mind.

It’s indeed right that it’s nearly impossible to change an individual’s personality and I have ultimately given up. However, to answer his question, I leaned closer, looked right in his eyes and addressed him. My answer was a thought-provoking puzzle.

“If I want a flower that’s on the edge of a risky mountain cliff, and we’re both confident that picking the flower would cause your death, would you dare pick it for me?”

In his signature style, he said, “I will give you your answer tomorrow.”

My hopes sunk even further.

The next morning, my husband was nowhere to be seen. He had scribbled something on a piece of paper and left it on a milk glass on our dining table. However, it’s the contents of the paper that made me shed tears.

“I would not pick the flower, but please let me explain my reasons,” that first line was a shocker and broke my heart.

However, I soldiered on.

“Every time you use my PC, you end up messing up its software programs. You also cry in front of the screen, and I have to save my fingers so that I can restore the software programs. You typically leave our house’s keys behind. I keep my legs and rush home to open the door for you. You are an avid traveler, but often lose your way in the new city. My eyes are there to show you the way. Whenever your monthly “good friend” arrives, my palms are there to calm the cramps in your tummy.”

I was getting emotional.

“You love staying indoors and am afraid that infantile autism will attack you. So, I save my mouth to crack you up with jokes and stories. You spend time staring at the computer, and it will hurt your eyes. I keep mine so that when you grow old, I’ll help you clip your nails and eliminate white hairs. I’ll walk you down the beach so that you can enjoy the sunshine and the warm sand. I’ll tell you about the flowers, like the glow of your young face. My dear, unless I’m sure there’s someone who loves you better than I do, I couldn’t pick the flower and die.”

bed-1850893_960_720With tears dropping down my cheeks, the paper wet and blurred already, I realized I wasn’t done reading yet.

“Now that you are done reading, if you are satisfied, please open the front door because I’m standing outside with your favorite bread and milk.”

There he was, with an anxious face, holding two milk bottles and a loaf of bread. Am absolutely sure that no one loves me better than he does and I’ll leave the flower alone.

That’s how life and love behave. When you are serenaded with love, excitement tends to go away, and true love is ignored. Love has no particular form and shows up in any way. It could be dull, boring. However, flowers and romantic outs merely serve as an embodiment of a true relationship. Love, don’t argue, don’t complain…just love!