It’s the 21st century.

How has sex evolved since the ancient times?

Kama Sutra is considered the ‘bible’ of sexuality.

So what relevance can an ancient text on sexual positions have on today’s society?

Firstly, people have a misunderstanding of what the entire Kama Sutra is all about, and it isn’t simply a book of sexual positions.

Secondly, in today’s quick hook-up culture that sees more people feeling lost and alone than ever before the 21st century, Kama Sutra can help you see what really matters in relationships.

The original Kama Sutra did have one chapter of sexual positions but the rest of the book offered practical advice on all manner of relationship issues.

The book focused on how important it is for a couple to experience an intimate connection that goes beyond that of physical pleasure.

It also makes it clear that physical pleasure alone can’t be experienced to its fullest without that intimacy. The Kama Sutra even states that the actual physical act of sex needs to be pushed aside and undertaken slowly, allowing for that intimacy to form first.

Defining The Roles

As any other teachings, there are also roles to play between men and women in the Kama Sutra. And the impression is that, women were given an inferior role in its teachings. But today’s women are pleasantly surprised when they realize that isn’t the case.

Rather, the book introduced the concept that a woman should be allowed to feel pleasure first and foremost and it was her partner’s responsibility to provide a means for that pleasure.

However, both partners are required to give within tantric sex. Men and women may be seen as having different roles and responsibilities with regards to the making of a relationship, but those roles hold equal weight in the success or failure of that relationship.

In essence, partners are meant to be “a blanket unto each other”. This means they hold equal, yet different roles. That is what our society has been coming to realize recently.

Disconnectedness in the 21st Century

The Kama Sutra also recognizes that love comes in many forms, not just that between a woman and a man. In the 21st century, we have come to recognize the many forms of love, from traditional to polymorphic, from straight to gay, and many variations in between. It recognizes that who you are intimate with is not as important as the calibre of the intimacy involved.

With the onset of this love variations and ease of technological communication, the 21st century sadly has become a time where a connection is becoming rare. More people are experiencing loneliness than ever before in our history. This is where ancient wisdom can come in through the principles of the Kama Sutra.

With many people becoming aware and turning to ancient wisdom, this trend can be reversed and can help individuals once again to learn to experience the ultimate feelings of love that comes from connecting with another individual on many levels – mind, body, and soul.

Indeed, this ancient wisdom from the Kama Sutra contains universal truths, which are still applicable in our time. With its teachings, it can help us learn to understand that intimacy and sex are things that belong together and that this connectedness is not something meant for only a few.

And from what we understand from it, this connectedness is something that can only be achieved when two partners work together and learn to accept that different does not exclude equal and each partner in a relationship holds a responsibility to help bring that awareness to his or her partner.

It further reminds us that pleasure is one of the four great things we must pursue in life, but that it requires coming together on many levels, not just a series of brief hookups.

Treating Sex As A Form Of Worship In The Context Of Kama Sutra

Religious sexuality is one part of ancient Indian culture in which sexuality is used for a religious pursuit. Tantra is one of them, which uses sexual rituals as a means to achieve a gust of spiritual energy that could reach to the gods. In Hinduism, sexuality is, in a way, certainly connected with religion. This is also evident in the erotic carvings in the ancient temples at Khajuraho and Konarak where eroticism pulls you into the temple, but you never find sex, but God. 

How then does the Kama Sutra fit into this erotic spirituality?

In order to understand this concept of erotic spirituality in connection with Kama Sutra, we must first look at the Hindu view of life and start with the three fundamental factors.

First is dharma. This pertains to religion, social justice and moral law. The second is arta, which relates to wordly success such as power, politics and wealth. And the third is kama which means pleasure. This is where sex falls in, as it’s one of the most pleasurable acts the human kind can experience.

Sex is regarded, as one of the most essential parts of it but is certainly not the only one. In this sense therefore, we can see that the Hindu culture recognizes erotic pleasures as an important part of life. This can be seen throughout Hinduism where eroticism is also incorporated into their worship of the gods.

Furthermore, it is encouraged by the Hindu scheme of things, that people should enjoy everything in life and fulfill all material desires. As it is through fulfilling all material desires that the ultimate goal in life is achieved which is Enlightenment. It is in this stage of being that Hindus gain their freedom from the cycle of rebirth, which they call Moksha.

And since Hinduism recognizes the role of sexual desires in human lives, the depictions of eroticism in some of the temples doesn’t only educate the believers but also help those who are in the disciplined and dedicated practice of sexual learning (sadhanas) to achieve enlightenment.

These clearly show that, in Hindu view of life, sex is treated as a form of worship. It is an act of fulfilling ones desires and deriving pleasures, but it is also no doubt, an act of sacredness.

And this is where the principles of Kama Sutra are derived. It is solely based on the beliefs of its authors who practiced the Hindu way of life.

But in truth, there is really nothing about spiritual practice in the Kama Sutra itself. There are also no tantric rituals where sex is used to worship and reach god.

The Kama Sutra is devoid of any spiritual goal. Rather, it is purely a human goal of which spirituality is one part of it. And Kama Sutra is another part and the two go together.

Visualization To Awaken Your Inner Lover

Most of us have been weary living in the 21st century. And a lot of us are overwhelmed by our busy schedules that we forget how to slow down and take time to look within.

There are things in life that are definitely worth spending our time with. So let us end this blog with visualization about the fine art of awakening the inner lover to build our energy and remind us of the lover within.

Get comfortable and breathe out thru your mouth and in through your nose. Do this three times.

Visualize a forest. The trees are thick and the grass is bright green.

See a path in the middle of two oak trees.

Start down that path and see the small blooming dogwood trees and also the red-bud trees are starting to be in full bloom.

Soak in the energy and feel the ground beneath your feet feel the earth between your toes, under your feet and around your feet.

Feel that energy flow up your legs and into your body

As this energy rises up in you feel the negativity vanishing out of the top of your head, pulling energy as you feel old energy leaving.

Let the energy create a fountain out the top of your head.

Spray this energy till you feel like your energy is balanced.

After walking down the path you see an open area with a rock circle.

Go into the circle and see a stone altar in the middle of the circle.

On top of the stone altar you see a bright red candle.

Walk up to the altar and light the candle.

The flame flickers in the breeze but does not blow out.

Feel the flame within your blood.

Focus on the flame of the red candle and visualize the mother Goddess walking toward you.

You can see her walking down the same path you walked.

As she comes closer to you she becomes more clear to your sight.

She walks inside the circle and stands next to you in front of the altar.


Goddess blessing

Goddess Sight

Let me see my Goddess tonight

This is your mother Goddess who is your patron deity.

Introduce yourself to the Goddess and she will introduce herself to you

Once you have spoken to the Goddess ask her any question that you might have in your mind.

Stand and soak in the Goddess as she is before you.

See the flame on the candle and the Goddess walks down the path out of your site.

Now you may extinguish the candle and head home down the path you walked before.

As you walk down the path you hear sounds of the local frogs and crickets.

They sing a most beautiful song as you are walking down the path
Feel your roots drive deep within the earth farther and farther they go.

Feel the energy go up your legs and into your body.

Now feel the energy as it levels out and makes you feel slightly energized and ready to face the world again.

The end of the path brings you back to the mundane world.